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In order to meet the needs of production, provide production efficiency, control the quality of production, we pay special attention to machine equipment configuration and machine maintenance.

On the first floor of the factory area, under the conditions of dust-free, constant temperature and moisture control in the printing workshop, the crew adopts the most scientific color management technology, so that the printing machine can operate efficiently and stably. The amount of printing per day can reach 200,000.

For better matching printing output, we introduced KOLBUS hardcover dragon in the second floor binding workshop. From glue, infrared drying, and then three-sided knife cut to the finished product, through the book delivery device to automatic glue, automatic gauze, plug cloth, sweep lining paper, fire line, etc. all the process of automatic completion, annual production capacity of 3 million hardcover books. At the same time, the workshop has a fully automatic Asda lock line machine, its production hours of 9000 spreads. MBO fully automated folding machine can produce nearly 300,000 spreads of folding products every day.

At the same time, we have set up a manual production workshop to improve the production of children's blackboard, three-dimensional books and toy books, and adopt the combination of machine production and manual fine processing to better serve customers and achieve the goal of meeting any customer's needs.

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